Hi! I'm Seth Worley.

When I'm not directing Star Trek commercials or informing strangers how many Webby Awards I have (one), I'm the resident filmmaker at visual effects software maker Red Giant, where I've directed short films like Plot Device (winner of the aforementioned Webby, and featured on sites like io9, SlashFilm, BoingBoing, Mashable, The Daily What, JohnAugust.com, and more), the scifi action short Tempo (named one of Slate.com's "Six Best SciFi Shorts of 2012"), Spy Vs Guy (featured on io9, GeekTyrant, and The Awesomer - which called it "one of the funniest shorts we've seen in a long while"), Form 17 (featured on Forbes, Mashable, and others), and Order Up (featured on SlashFilm, Forbes, Mashable, GeekTyrant, GiantFreakinRobot, and more).

In a 2013 interview with Playboy Magazine, JJ Abrams mentioned Plot Device, calling it “very funny.” So that should tell you right there that I'm funny, or - at the very least - very funny. That same year, JJ hired me to direct a national commercial called “Space Fender Bender,” a promotional tie-in for Esurance and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Recently, I directed the Kickstarter campaign video for rock music veteran Steve Taylor's new album, Goliath -- a campaign that surpassed its $40,000 goal in under 36 hours, ultimately bringing in over $120,000. These people assumably watched the video and loved it.

In 2013 I cowrote the short PROXiMITY with director Ryan Connolly, host of the YouTube show Film Riot.

I also directed and wrote the web series Adventure Now and The Time Closet.

I live and work in Nashville, TN. You can contact me here.