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Hi! I'm Seth Worley. I write and direct things for TV and the internet. I also make storytelling tools and resources.

I make a lot of branded shorts. Narrative ones with cool stories and VFX. A lot of them are for Red Giant, the company behind tools like Magic Bullet, Trapcode, and PluralEyes. 

Sometimes I direct commercials for cool companies like Bad Robot, Sandwich Video, and Leo Burnett.

I also have a company called Plot Devices, where we make storytelling tools like the Storyclock Notebook, a notebook designed for screenwriters. We raised over $120,000 for it on Kickstarter in 2017.

And to top it all off, I occasionally give talks and workshops on filmmaking, storytelling, and visual effects. I even have a couple training video series on writing that you can buy. 

Now I'll spend a few paragraphs really bragging about stuff, just so you can know what a big deal I am:

My work has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Fast Company, Slate, io9, SlashFilm, HULU, The Tonight Show, Virgin Atlantic's in-flight programming, and more.

My short films include OLD/NEW (narrated by comedian Patton Oswalt), the Webby Award-winning PLOT DEVICE, REAL GONE (winner of the Music Bed Film Festival judge's choice award), and TEMPO (one of Slate's "Six Best Sci-Fi Shorts of 2012"). They all have millions and millions of views and stuff.