Form 17

"Take your daughter to work" day.  For a bomb technician.

I directed and co-wrote this short in 2012 for Red Giant to promote the release of the product PluralEyes 3. The idea was to tell a story that was very dialogue-heavy, shoot with multiple cameras, and then show off how well PluralEyes can sync all of the footage.

For me personally, the exciting challenge was to take a very jokey premise and tell a grounded, compelling, character-driven story with it. 


Behind The Scenes

How we shot the whole thing in a day, and then spent all of post trying to name it.


Director: Seth Worley
Executive Producer: Aharon Rabinowitz
Produced by: Neil Hoppe, Shannon Hoppe
Written by: Seth Worley, Neil Hoppe, Aharon Rabinowitz

The Lieutenant: Chip Arnold
The Daughter: Cammie York Hall
Other Officer: Cameron Childs
Unfortunate Pizza Delivery Guy: Micah Lanier

Original Music by: Ben Worley
Associate Producers: Mark Cowart, Cameron Childs

DP/Camera: Mark Cowart
Camera: Jeremy Gonzales
Grip: Brian Ellison
Audio: Matt Hail
Script Supervisor: Jeremy Flick

Art Design: Paul Conrad, Micah Lanier
The Bomb designed and built by: Neil Hoppe

Special thanks:
Lt. Edward Cherry, Bomb Squad Commander, TN Hwy Patrol
Seabourne Pictures

Created with Red Giant PluralEyes 3.0 - Learn more at: