Dear Starlee Kine,

Hi, I'm Seth. I'm a huge fan of your show. It's so good. Almost too good.

I know this might be weird, drafting a letter to you in the form of a web page, but I figured this would be the most efficient and affective way to communicate my mystery to you.

Yes. I have a mystery.

I'm sorry. I'm sure half the people you know  — and half the people you don’t know — are telling you this every day. They have a mystery. Perfect for your show. What makes mine special? I obviously can’t say for sure (you’re the expert), but —

It may involve time travel.

I have this book.

It's called The New Time Travelers: A Journey to the Frontiers of Physics by David Toomey. I purchased it used on Amazon in February of 2009.

I’ve always wanted to know who owned it before me, because the pages are filled with notes and marginalia.

Underlines, circles, arrows, references to things external from the book, even emotional reactions to certain passages.

Most of their notes are brief and concise, written gently and noncommittally, as if this was just one of many time-travel-related books stacked on their desk.

This doesn't seem like a book that would be required reading in a class, but I could be totally wrong.

My   notes appear on several pages, but are pretty easy to distinguish from the previous owner's.

My notes appear on several pages, but are pretty easy to distinguish from the previous owner's.

It’s definitely worth noting that some of my own notes appear in the book as well, in my comparatively more intrusive and sloppier handwriting, almost all of it is referencing specific stories and characters I was writing at the time (I’m a filmmaker), so differentiating my notes from the Time Traveler's should be fairly easy.

That’s right. I called them the Time Traveler.

Because I think it's pretty obvious that this person was trying to build a time machine.

But even if they weren’t — what were they doing? They were really into this book, taking a great deal of notes so they could remember stuff in it. Why? What for? I need to know.

I still have all my email receipts from the original Amazon transaction, I assume that's where you'd want to start. ...If you wanted to start.

Which I totally understand if you don't. I know you probably get hundreds of these requests, so I completely understand if you can't take on my particular case.

If you are interested, you can contact me using this contact form!

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Either way, your show is so good. Just unfairly good.

Seth Worley