"Only A Ride"

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Music Video

In 2014, I was invited to direct this video for the first single off Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil's new album "Goliath." The idea behind the video was to take the trailer for Brian Trenchard-Smith's 1980 cult classic Stunt Rock, and, in Steve's words:

"...replace the band, but keep the wizard."

Visual Effects "Wizardry"

When most people watch the video, they assume that the wizard walking around onstage is just a guy we had onset in a wizard costume, when it's actually the original wizard from the 1980 footage, integrated into our new footage of the band.

Chris Adams and I filmed the band in a rehearsal space here in Nashville, using several disgusting lens filters to make the footage look as dated and terrible as possible. Then in post, I was able to roto the wizard out of the original footage and place him into our new footage (or in some cases, vice versa). See the comparison shots below.

(Click the photos to see before and after)