Playboy: What have you seen lately?
JJ: Oh my God, so many great shorts. There was one called Plot Device—very funny.
— JJ Abrams, Playboy Magazine Interview 2013
Plot Device is a viral masterpiece
— Mashable
Plot Device, a short film directed by Seth Worley, does a good job balancing story and how’d-they-do-that.
— John August
While...other shorts...have a video game feel and are light on conversation, “Tempo” has a dash of dark humor and smart dialogue. But there’s still plenty of guns.
— Slate
(Plot Device) is a fun little short with an epic feel...
— Ain't It Cool News
I expect (Worley) is going to move into feature film production at some point in the not-too-distant future, based on the quality of his work.
— Forbes