die. or die trying.

After a brief glimpse into the great beyond, Elwood Holler can't give up on life. No matter how hard he tries.

In 2015, I was invited to direct a short film as part of Film Riot's Epic Summer, alongside shorts by Film Riot's Ryan Connolly and Video Copilot's Andrew Kramer. Film Riot devoted a month of programming for each film, starting with the release of the film followed by new behind-the-scenes content every week, which you can watch below!

The Real Gone Digital Download is available in the Triune Store, and it contains:

  • High Quality 4k version of the film.
  • Over a hour long On-Set Experience. (Making of Documentary)
  • Watch with the director (Commentary).
  • VFX Breakdown.
  • Ungraded footage from the film.
  • Digital copy of the script.
  • Full Royalty Free Original Score (Unique to the store version. Not heard on YouTube).