Spy Vs Guy

A retired Russian spy desperately tries to retrieve a secret coin that he accidentally spent 40 years ago.

I got this idea sometime in 2012, when I read that there were several known incidents during the cold war of spies being given secret concealment coins -- and then accidentally spending them. As a result, there are apparently several spy coins still in circulation today.

I'm a big fan of the Chuck Jones/Tex Avery Looney Tunes, especially Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner. Which I guess is pretty obvious when you watch this short.


Behind the Scenes


Directed by: Seth Worley
Executive Producer: Aharon Rabinowitz
Produced by: Neil Hoppe & Shannon Hoppe

Written by:
Seth Worley
Micah Lanier
Neil Hoppe
Aharon Rabinowitz

Director of Photography: Chris Adams
Production Designer: Paul Conrad
Music by: Ben Worley

Spy: Steve Taylor
Guy: Micah Lanier
Young Spy: Ben Worley
Quartermaster: Paul Conrad
Driver: Ben Moon

Editor: Matt Hail

Visual Effects:
Seth Worley
Harry Frank
Matt Hail
Aharon Rabinowitz

Caleb McLaughlin
Sam Pierce
Katie DeCillo
Ben Sherrill
Aaron Williams
Grayson Propst
Jayme Powell
Nayt Cochran


Special Thanks:
Re:Vision FX
Imagineer Systems
Rampant Design Tools


3D Animation and Visual Effects:
Chris Schmidt
Greyscale Gorilla

Coalter Digital

Additional Design Elements:  Micah Lanier

Props by:
Neil Hoppe
Ben Worley

2nd Unit Director: Nick Serban IV
Gaffer: Shawn Jenkins
Assistant Camera: Justin Wylie, Jarret Rawlings
Sound: Mike Psanos, Ron Dicianni
Script Supervisor: Jeremy Flick
Makeup Artist: Amy Young

Amy Young
Andrew Hudson
Justin Wylie
Katie Decillo
Lorelei Hoppe
Christine Gibson
Aaron Williams
Leah Conder
J.R. Knowles
Hadley Sintic
Charles Myers
Grayson Propst
Becca Castle
Jayme Powell


Special Thanks:

Gisela Moore & The TN Film Commision
Chuck Sherrill & the TN State Library & Archive
Colleen Tickle
Marilyn Edwards
Rory Rowan
David Tinsley & Ragtop Picture Cars
Leonard Keeler & Special Security Inc.
Ron Shuff
Jimmy Campbell
Chris McCollum
Chad Andrews
Scott Hamilton
Matt Worley
Stu Maschwitz

Made with
Red Giant BulletProof

Made with:
Magic Bullet Suite
Trapcode Suite
Keying Suite
Effects Suite
PluralEyes 3

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