Red Giant Universe

A marketing campaign driven by mystery and possibility.

Also planets. Lots of planets.



That was what -- for me -- summed up the greatest appeal of Red Giant Universe, a new subscription-based, constantly expanding library of plugins for visual effects and motion graphics artists. The idea that this library would be constantly expanding (like the universe), regularly updating with new (and super fast) tools, meant that a spirit of potential and possibility was fundamentally built into it. That excited Aharon Rabinowitz and I. So that's what we chose to focus on when building its marketing campaign.

The Teaser

A few days before the official product launch, we posted this teaser that I directed.

We liked the idea of announcing new technology with something classic and Rockwellian-looking. I obviously tried to go close to full-Spielberg on it.



Before we went out and shot it, I put together this previs sequence in After Effects using my storyboards and ProLost Boardo:

The Hero Video

Every Red Giant product has a "hero video," which serves as both a promo AND an explainer video.

For Universe, we drew inspiration from the early teaser trailers FOX released for COSMOS, as well as pretty much anything space-related.

I directed this, did almost all of the visual effects and motion design -- working closely with Leo Hageman, who was designing all of the web content, to make sure we matched the cool stuff he was creating. Aharon Rabinowitz executed several VFX shots as well, not to mention wrote and narrated the entire thing.


Premium Upgrade

I also created this short video to explain the benefits of upgrading to a premium membership.